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African American Children Literature

Thought my search for culturally authentic African American Children Literature I have found that realistic African American literature is available but must be actively sought out!

the Patchwork Quilt

The Patchwork Quilt - Valerie Flournoy,  Jerry Pinkney (Illustrator)

(Flournoy, 1985)

Note: Tanya loves listening to her grandmother talk about the quilt she is making from pieces of colorful fabric from the family clothes: an eventual heirloom to represent each person and the important events of their lives together. When Grandma becomes ill, Tanya decides to finish the masterpiece herself, and soon the rest of the family pitches in to help, finding comfort and connection by completing the squares and stitches.

Source: http://Flournoy, V. (1985). The patchwork quilt. United Kingdom: Bodley Head Children’s Books.